30 Day No Sugar Challenge My do over, here is my experience with my 30 Day No Sugar Challenge. Starting over at 31 years of age has been difficult and rewarding. I am grateful for the experiences that I have had, and the life that I have lived. But I […]

30 Day No Sugar Challenge

Winning the Billion Dollar Powerball
Winner of the Powerball at 1.5 BILLION Dollars I am unsure what this post will be when I am done. For now I just need to write. I am working on a New Empath piece, I know I said that I would have it up last week but where my […]

Winner of the Powerball at 1.5 BILLION Dollars

Passion for life
My Passion, Writing & Helping Others Why I Write; My Passion is to help others!   As I sit here this morning, I find that I am completely perplexed. Usually I have a topic that I am ready to write about. I truly love writing. I wouldn’t always say that […]

My Passion, Writing & Helping Others

2016 Awakening
Life Goals & Resolutions
2016 Awakening – Life Goals and Resolutions Here is to life, here is to love, here is to change and here is to a New Year.  Our 2016 Awakening – Life Goals and Resolutions. The New Year is upon us and we have a blank slate before us. New Year’s resolutions are […]

2016 Awakening – Life Goals and Resolutions

Road Trips
This is off the cuff of my normal posts, but I feel that it is still informative and motivating. This may not be your cup of tea. and I am sorry.. Next post coming is how the Law of attraction and Being an Empath has changed my life. 🙂 Namaste… […]

How to Stay Sane When Traveling with Children

Positivity, Happiness and Gratitude Will Change Your Life How Power of Positivity and how it can change your life. The switch has flipped for me. I am finding that it has become second nature to be happy and positive. There is no more sadness, pointing the finger, and there isn’t much […]

Positivity, Happiness and Gratitude Will Change Your Life

Tips to Help You Be a Successful Empath 1
44 Tips to Help You Be a Successful Empath Being an Empath can be extremely difficult at times. Most days it’s if we are Atlas, with the weight of the world on our shoulders. Feeling the grief and despair of not only ourselves but the people around us.  For many […]

44 Tips to Help You Be a Successful Empath

62 Traits of an Empath 10
62 Traits of an Empath I am what is called a Claircognizance Empath. I just know things, I can finish sentences, tell people where the thing are that they are looking for, without being asked. I know when people are being dishonest with me. I am the human lie detector. I know about […]

62 Traits of an Empath

Becoming a spiritual catalyst has opened my eyes with great force. I have seen in the masses how when we being to think for ourselves that we being to make significant changes in our lives. When we step away from the propaganda of the media, from religious thought  and when […]

Becoming a Spiritual Catalyst

Children are very near and dear to my heart. I have a tender spot in my heart for all children and sometimes I just want to take them all home so that they can live with me. But I know that there is no feasible way to bring home so […]

Raising Children in the Digital Age

Never judge
Here are my 5 Tips for Building a Successful Blog. I am new to this and still learning, I have been writing now since 2012, not very consistently. But, I never allow myself to give up, I do find that I become distracted and discouraged. Therefore my postings stop, I have been […]

5 Tips for Building a Successful Blog

My Wage “I bargained with Life for a penny, And Life would pay no more, However I begged at evening When I counted my scanty store. For Life is a just employer, He gives you what you ask, But once you have set the wages, Why, you must bear the […]

The Brutal Truth about success.

You are the key to a successful life! If you really want change and you really want to see you succeed an what it is that you love, you have to pour yourself into what you want to achieve. You have to be ready to give your blood, sweat and […]

You are the key to a successful life!

Find Passion, create passion and make your life everything you have every wanted it to be. Be crazy passionate about everything you do and how you live your life. Find a deep settling love for life that makes you always want to pinch yourself to see if this is actually […]

Live Life with Passion

15 steps to success
15 Steps to a Successful Life What direction are you going in, what are you doing to achieve your goals? Whatever they may be, What are you are doing today that helps you work towards a better life or the life that you want? Here are my 15 Steps to […]

15 Steps to a Successful Life

think_outside_the_box_1024x1024 1
Fear is the dream crippler; Fear is what freezes us out of the life that we want. We become so accustomed to where we are at in our life that we become fearful of the great big world and everything that this out there. Whether it is travel, new startups, […]

Fear is the dream crippler

rat-race-1 1
Life ever changing, Journal Entry How can I make a difference in the world? What Can I do to leave my mark, my legacy? What Can I do to work towards that is going to leave an impact on the lives of those that I care most about? My goal, […]

Life ever changing, Journal Entry

Heaven on Earth, What If This Is Heaven? Ask yourself, What if this is Heaven now? What if this is the only heaven we get. I believe that we are spiritual beings in physical bodies. We were given a body to come here to earth to live, love, to prosper, to […]

Heaven on Earth, What if this is Heaven?

Building Self Confidence What are the things that are important to me and what type of person do that I want to be? What are my values, what is it that I want to have in my life and why is it that I want these things? In building myself […]

Building Self Confidence

Let Go of Toxic People Sometimes there are people in your life who you love with all of you heart and soul. Who you would do just about anything for, but they have become very toxic people. I have been hurt by so many people that I care about over […]

Let Go of Toxic People

Marriage After being happily married for 11 years there is a thing or two that you learn. Garon and I have been together since 2002 and married since 2004 that is quite a long time nowadays. Keys To a Successful Marriage During our life time together, I can honestly say that […]

Keys To a Successful Marriage

Faith in yourself and everything that surrounds you have the power and protection to do all and achieve all things. Everything that we do starts with belief or faith that we can conquer or succeed in whatever it is that we desire to do. I am Finding Faith again POSTED ON JANUARY […]

Findind Faith

13 Tips for Smart Passive Income
13 Tips for Smart Passive Income: This is my story and how I began building a business online. Here is my Story and my 13 Tips for Smart Passive Income:  In October of 2013, Garon and I decided that it was time for me to be at home. Where Garon […]

13 Tips for Smart Passive Income

“I pretended to be somebody I wanted to be until finally I became that person. Or he became me.” Cary Grant What is it that you want more out of life? Seriously ask yourself this question. What do you truly want. I mean you really have to make the decision […]

What do you truly want?

Welcome to Fe Bella Jade. What is Fe Bella Jade? This is a motivational | Life story blog of the transformations that I am and have made in my life. Fe Bella Jade Means: Faith Beautiful Power and Protection. Fe Bella Jade was founded in 2012 following the Death of […]

Fe Bella Jade